What is your rate?

I don’t normally have set rates because projects are different in both scope and difficulty. My charge goes up according to difficulty and time, but that’s normally discussed when going over the project specifications. Feel free to contact me via my socials for a quote and I will happily discuss. All prices quoted are in USD.

What software do you use?

The type of software I use is quite extensive because I like collecting interesting looking VSTs. I mainly work within either Reaper or Pro Tools depending on the type of project I’m involved in. My main sampler is Kontakt and I have a wide variety of sound libraries to draw upon for projects.

How long do you take to complete commissions?

Piano/Keyboard only part: 24-72 hours

Beats: 24-72 hours

Mixing: 7 days

Song Covers / Original Songs: 14 days (not including the time it takes to receive vocal takes for final mixdown)

All others: Variable depending on scope and complexity of project

Who gets copyright?

Unless it is a work for hire (and that can get quite complicated due to various US state laws regarding work for hire and employee/contractor classification) the copyright remains with me. The exception to this rule is song cover projects, which are produced under license. All my projects come with unlimited commercial usage rights.

Do you give lessons on Audio Software?

Not personally, but I do have a youtube channel with some Pro Tools basics if you would like to check it out at my Youtube Channel.

Can I use your music on my videos?

For my personal releases, please contact me, it depends. When it comes to the music I’ve done for clients, that is a strict no.

What services do you provide?

  • Song Covers
  • Original Scores
  • Trailer Music
  • Original Songs (please contact me first)
  • Music Production
  • Music Arrangement
  • Beats
  • Mixing
  • Vocal Production
  • Session Keyboardist/Pianist
  • Audio Editing